Since we opened in January 2015, every Swing Kitchen burger eaten instead of a non-vegan burger results in an ongoing saving of resources:


In contrast to beef, our vegan alternatives use on average, 95 % less energy, 85 % less water, 96 % less grain, 93 % less agricultural land and are responsible for 92 % less greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Menu

We have a new take on fast food: Freshly prepared, environmentally friendly, extremely tasty and completely vegan!


Chocolate mousse on almond-biscuit with jellied raspberries

Cheese Burger

Soya patty with vegan cheese, Tomato-Concassée, Swing-Mayo, ...

Vienna Burger

Vegan schnitzel, garlic sauce, ...

Kitchen Wrap

Vegan schnitzel, basil-lemon sauce, ...

French Fries

"Best fries in Town - yeah"

Vegan Nuggets

6 nuggets with a dip of your choice.

Onion Rings

8 rings with a dip of your choice.


White cabbage and carrots in a rich creamy garlic sauce on green salad.

Garden Salad

Green salad, Carrots, Red cabbage, ...

Swing Burger

Soya patty with Charly's BBQ sauce, ...


Vegan Cheesecake with sour cherrys.


According to Irene's traditional recipe.

Apple Juice

Made from organic apples.

Cherry Juice

Made from organic cherries.

Swing Cola

Coke made from our own recipe. Also available as Swing Cola CHERRY and without sugar as Swing Cola FREE .


Made from organic coffe beans, emissionfree shipped by sail.

orange juice

Freshly squeezed, organic/fairtrade.


Made from organic coffe beans, emissionfree shipped by sail.

Chili Burger

Soyapatty, Ketchup, Garlic Sauce, Hot Jalapeños, ...

Nugget Salad

Soya-nuggets with garlic sauce on Garden Salad


Made from organic coffee beans, emissionfree shipped by sail.

Swiss Wrap

Hash brown, hot cauliflower, garlic sauce, ...

Sweet # Fries

Sweet Criss Cut Fries


Bright mousse made of soy yoghurt on almond-biscuit topped with jellied apricots

Chicago Edgy

Soy Patty, Ketchup, Lemon mayo, ...

Pink Edgy

LIKE MEAT Schnitzel, overbaked with vegan cheese, topped with cranberry-mayo, cucumber & salad.


Hash brown, soyapatty, Charly's BBQ sauce, ...

About Us

Photo: Irene and Charly Schillinger

He wanted to be vegan, but not go hungry. Just a few years after finishing service training in his family run countryside restaurant, Charly Schillinger completed a number of diplomas in finance and economy and worked as a successful broker, funds manager and securities analyst for major international banks. In 1988, he made the decision to become vegetarian and then, ten years later, vegan. As a lover of good food and, in particular, traditional Viennese cuisine, the idea that being vegan supposedly meant missing out on something bothered him a lot. This was reason enough for Irene, Charly’s wife to recreate Austrian home cooking but purely plant-based: in an unprecedented move, the Schillingers successively replaced the traditionally meat-heavy dishes on their menu with their ‘just like meat’ cuisine – quite something for a restaurant established in 1793. From cordon bleu and cutlets to Viennese schnitzel – vegan cuisine should be presented as healthy and delicious, not as dogmatic abstinence! With their unconventional and successful pub restaurant, the Schillingers went on to become the best known pioneers of vegan gastronomy in Austria, proving that a diet free from animal products can be tasty and diverse. Environmentally sustainable culinary enjoyment has made Schillinger’s restaurant to something of a place of pilgrimage, drawing all kinds of people from far and wide. Irene and Charly Schillinger are now continuing on this path with their environmentally-friendly, vegan burger concept. Modern fast food will convince even more customers of the new Schillinger venture: Real vegan burgers!


Our Philosophy

Alongside enjoyment, here at Swing Kitchen we also care about the future of our planet and the coming generations: Our 100% vegan products respect life, are gentle on the environment and save resources.

Packaging made from plastic has no place at Swing Kitchen! All our packaging is 100% free from crude oil, is made from renewable raw materials and stays CO2 neutral during disposal.

Our plant-based meals are naturally 100% cholesterol free, higher in dietary fiber and contain more vitamins and secondary plant substances than conventional fast food.

We choose our ingredients according to the highest quality criteria. Wherever possible, we prefer to use regional and GMO-free products and a proportion of the produce we use is also organic and fair trade.

As a stand against wage dumping and a clear measure of how much we value our personnel’s high performance, our pay is over the industry average!

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