Made from organic & emissionfree sail-shipped coffee beans (except in
Josefstadt and Bern: organic / fairtrade).


Nutritional information per 100 g:
Energy: 0 kcal / 1 kJ
Fat: 0.00 g
of which saturated: 0.00 g
Carbohydrate:   0.02 g
of which sugars: 0.02 g
Protein: 0.01 g
Salt: 0.00 g
Fiber: 0.00 g

Serving size: 276 g


Chocolate mousse on almond-biscuit with jellied raspberries

Cheese Burger

Soya patty with vegan cheese, Tomato-Concassée, Swing-Mayo, ...

Vienna Burger

Vegan schnitzel, garlic sauce, ...

Kitchen Wrap

Vegan schnitzel, basil-lemon sauce, ...

French Fries

"Best fries in Town - yeah"

Vegan Nuggets

6 nuggets with a dip of your choice.

Onion Rings

8 rings with a dip of your choice.


White cabbage and carrots in a rich creamy garlic sauce on green salad.

Garden Salad

Green salad, Carrots, Red cabbage, ...

Swing Burger

Soya patty with Charly's BBQ sauce, ...


Vegan Cheesecake with sour cherrys.


According to Irene's traditional recipe.

Apple Juice

Made from organic apples.

Cherry Juice

Made from organic cherries.

Swing Cola

Coke made from our own recipe. Also available as Swing Cola CHERRY and without sugar as Swing Cola FREE .


Made from organic coffe beans, emissionfree shipped by sail.

orange juice

Freshly squeezed, organic/fairtrade.


Made from organic coffe beans, emissionfree shipped by sail.

Chili Burger

Soyapatty, Ketchup, Garlic Sauce, Hot Jalapeños, ...

Nugget Salad

Soya-nuggets with garlic sauce on Garden Salad


Made from organic coffee beans, emissionfree shipped by sail.

Swiss Wrap

Hash brown, hot cauliflower, garlic sauce, ...

Sweet # Fries

Sweet Criss Cut Fries


Bright mousse made of soy yoghurt on almond-biscuit topped with jellied apricots

Chicago Edgy

Soy Patty, Ketchup, Lemon mayo, ...

Pink Edgy

LIKE MEAT Schnitzel, overbaked with vegan cheese, topped with cranberry-mayo, cucumber & salad.


Hash brown, soyapatty, Charly's BBQ sauce, ...